We offer an alteration Service at the studio to help people recycle their clothing! We do patches, traditional or funky for my spirit monkey's lol

Hems, zippers, mending, buttons, elastics, taper, take in waist or let out.


Pants can be hemmed/shortened in a variety of ways and the price will vary depending. We offer simple hems starting at $8, cuff hems, french hems, etc. We match stitch colour and style to the orginal factory design as best as possible.


Broken zippers on dresses/skirts can be replaced. Prices may vary

Take in waist/let out

The waist size can be adjusted for pants that are too large or let out (if there is material available) for pants that are too tight. Material can also be added to certain pants should there be not enough material available. Price will vary


Rips, tears, torns stitches, buttons replacement, etc Prices will vary depending on severity of repair


Tapering of a pant leg involves slimming down the width and this can be done from the waist or from lower down the leg to make a flared/wide pant leg straight or skinny. Price will vary depending. Starting at $15.00

Replace Lining

A torn or worn lining can be replaced completely to refresh a jacket. Lining material is included. Please bring your jacket in for an exact quote. Starting at $50.00

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