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An Idea is Born

August 1st, 2018

Hey There! 

I'm Wanda your Guide for the Transformational Wellness Show 2018!

I had a dream to bring everything I love together under one roof, Coaching, Personal Development, Natural Healing methods and Spirituality.

I had been kicking around at the idea for a few years, finally with the help of toastmasters I am able to make this dream a reality. This is actually a project for Toastmasters where I will earn a credit "High Performance Leadership" This will help me on my way to the highest accreditation a TM can receive. DTM Distinguished Toastmaster. (That's pretty awesome in the Toastmaster world.)

As you will hear from our speakers, it takes an Idea, a seed to be planted, with nurture and care that seed will sprout. With action, planning and resourcefulness you will see it reach maturity.

I hope that you will Love what I have planned for YOU! It comes from the heart and has been an amazing ride thus far! I have the pleasure of being friends with ALL these AMAZING speakers. 

A huge thank to my AMAZING Guidance Committee, I could not have picked better people to help me with my creative process and zero in on my vision.

coach extraordinaire

Coach Extraordinaire

August 20, 2018

What does being a coach extraordinaire mean to me?

I believe that each successful coach and leader out there draws from their own personal life experience. The great teachers of all time have all spoken from experience.

Dr.Wayne Dyer spoke from addictions and shared his struggles with it and his journey as he assessed different information, his children and his wife through the challenging and the good times.

Napoleon hill’s fame started in the 1920’s and his work is carried on to this day, Bob Proctor speaks of these rules often, success from millions of people have been made from these concepts alone, then tweaking to meet each individual’s needs, continuing to be carried on Tony Robbins another coach who speaks in volume learning on his own, concepts and what works for him to help people, his way, his life experience creating a unique way of coaching clients.

Offering advice and personal stories on HOW they got to be where they are, sharing their personal growth as they are going through it. That’s what makes these great stories, REAL, RAW expressed feelings and emotion.

When we first start out in business, we have an idea and we look for guidance from others. We look for information on the internet, asking others for advice and want to hear real stories of how they got to where they are.

We mimic or use others “quick way there” realizing it doesn’t quite work, I need to seek more guidance because I do not understand this particular part…once we find the answers, again, we take what we want and use it as it best fits us. Do you see a pattern here? The ones that want to make it happen will over time by continuing to grown and learn. YOU are the one that has to be ready for this transformation, you are the one that has the work in front of them. Your teacher or mentor has done the work, now they are learning to teach you. Continuously tweaking their program to reach out and find the ones that are ready to learn.

Clear as mud right? Haha

I will share with you my life experience as I climb my own mountain, sharing with you some of my secrets and how I’m getting through my life. How I build myself up, how I’m gained my confidence, my brand (which is myself) my inner most secrets on how it made me feel and how I rose to the top coming through it stronger than ever, with each obstacle as I go through my life. How I celebrate and how I start again.

You see? I never stop growing and learning. This is why our elders are so important, because we learn through their stories, their ups and downs, how they did it, how they felt. We are an elder to so many people and the great thing about it is THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT you can start as early as you want or late in life, it’s never ending! Even when your body is decaying in the ground or on the shelf in a fancy vase (I want cremation) you are a legend, your stories, your successes and failures live on in the memories of your friends, family young and old for generation to come, centuries time is ENDLESS!!!!! And so is your story, so what is it going to be?

Let me be your guide, let me continue to share with you my stories, my successes and my failures. I’m figuring life out too, I just may have had a little more experience in areas where you need help.  It starts right here, right now, your legend your legacy has already begun! 

Creating my World

September 14, 2018

I can create my world as I choose.

I often meet people that are oblivious to what is around them, perhaps you have met people like this too…or are you one of them? Do you see signs that are right in front of your face, like WET PAINT or are you too busy in your own head to recognized the simple things around you? 

I sat in wet paint,  have a headache, my back is aching…I had a shitty day today. I have no money. The world sucks and so does my life!

I tell you some years ago, I had a shitty outlook on life and I was sick, drained, I looked twice my age, broke. Uneducated, no money all kinds of turmoil. Deep inside I knew there was more…I tried over and over again to look at the bright side yet, continued to be slammed down, beaten up with life. I kept pulling myself up and dusting myself off…I know there is more to life….how can I make this power of Intention work> How does Rohnda Burnes and Wayne Dyer do all that positive stuff…if they can do it why can’t I????? I think I love myself ( at least I think I do??) Man I've had a tuff go at it..why do I have to make life so complicated?

While I have had the intention all along to lead a positive life, trying to be good to everyone I meet. Fake it till you make it. I was missing a few key ingredients.

Believe…believe in myself, self esteme

Love…really love myself with no conditions, like a small child

Permission….permission to be my authentic self no matter how “weird “other people think I am. I have a difficult time with this word now. I'm NOT weird, I have my own interest and thoughts, ideas that are different than the main stream. That's not weird, its unique.

EGO……now…that’s a BIG one, I have to admit I try my hardest with this one, I catch myself when ego takes over, its a different energy. Not as peaceful, be humble yet proud of what you do.

I choose to create the life I want…no one else. I choose to feel healthy, I chose to be the wonderful person that I am, I chose to Love unconditionally, I chose to accept myself for who I AM…ME WANDA, WANDA BENDER

I chose to say yes to everything that makes me feel awesome inside, spiritual work, energy work, reading oracle cards, taking umpteen courses over the years because I LOVE knowledge about things that are of interest to me. West African drumming, dancing to anything that has an amazing beat , singing even if I don't know the words, gardening because I love to see the results from the seeds I planted, sewing due to the creative expression.

Three years ago I gave myself permission and said YES to a wonderful trip to Bali Indonesia! When we open ourselves up to receive and not to just give life begins to makes wonderful changes…as a woman, I give give give….and did not know how to receive. When I learned how to say YES to things that matter to me,  I was open to receive all the goodness that comes with it, I began to change inside. My heart grew like the Grinch on the Grinch who stole Christmas, I began to look younger, my smile was a natural beam of sunshine that lights up a room. I began to speak through my heart NOT my mind.

You see, when we begin to live our lives for our authentic self, we change in unimaginable ways. I now understand what the gurus were talking about….I get it.

When my parents picked me up at the airport after my trip half way around the world, my mother asked me….” Was it poor there?” I paused….thought about these words my mother had just asked…god bless her….and I replied…Well mom….I think I know what your asking….however I did not see anyone “poor” in Bali…you see while there were places that looked run down, and people not wearing many clothing…they were all rich in spirit, these people have the biggest smiles, they would light anyone up! Kind caring compassionate people. They bathed in the river outside my window, the children laughing, and the women washing their clothing on the rocks….are there “poor” people there? NO only rich people live on that Island, richer in spirit more then we could ever imagine.

So remember.the next time your complaining about something….YOU HAVE the POWER to change it…… I can create my world as I choose

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