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An Idea Is Born

Hey There! I'm Wanda your Guide for the Transformational Wellness Show 2018!

I had a dream to bring everything I love together under one roof, Coaching, Personal Development, Natural Healing methods and Spirituality.

I had been kicking around at the idea for a few years, finally with the help of toastmasters I am able to make this dream a reality. This is actually a project for Toastmasters where I will earn a credit "High Performance Leadership" This will help me on my way to the highest accreditation a TM can receive. DTM Distinguished Toastmaster. (That's pretty awesome in the Toastmaster world.)

As you will hear from our speakers, it takes an Idea, a seed to be planted, with nurture and care that seed will sprout. With action,  planning and resourcefulness you will see it reach maturity. 

I hope that you will Love what I have planned for YOU! It comes from the heart and has been an amazing ride thus far! I have the pleasure of being friends with ALL these AMAZING speakers. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do. Scroll down and meet my tribe!

A huge thank to my AMAZING Guidance Committee, I could not have picked better people to help me with my creative process and zero in on my vision.

Much Love From Me to You


Event Schedule



10:30 AM

MC Malcolm Robertson DTM

Opening Ceremony 

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10:45 AM

Raymond Brisebois DTM

Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow

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Dr.Raji Menon MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), FRCS (Glasg), FRCSC, CPC

Smart Goal Setting

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Laurence Pechadre DTM

Transformation Leader

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Doreen Ashton Wagner

For Love and Buiness

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Francis Rounding

-Making your Dreams Come True

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3:00 PM

Monica Piotrowski

SoundVibe Drum Circle-

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3:45 PM

Wanda Bender

Closing Thoughts-Dragonfly With Me

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Dr. Raji Menon 

MBBS, MS (Gen Surgery), FRCS (Glasg), FRCSC, CPC

Dr. Menon is a General Surgeon and a Palliative care physician, at Cornwall, ON. She did her MBBS and her MS in General Surgery from India, and her FRCS from UK, before coming to Canada in 2000, and did a Breast cancer Research Fellowship at the London Health Sciences Centre, and completed her FRCSC in 2003.

Since then, she has been working at the Cornwall Community Hospital. Since 2017, she has also been working at the Cornwall Hospice, offering palliative care services.

Dr. Menon has a faculty position with the Ottawa and Queens Universities. She is co-director of the Distributed Medical Education program in Cornwall, and has been a regular speaker at the Biannual conference of the Canadian Undergraduate Surgical Education Committee.

Dr. Menon also is a Certified Professional (Life) Coach, and her main focus is on preventing burnout amongst Health professionals. As a person who herself has overcome severe depression, without any professional help, Dr. Menon set out to train herself to help others. her coaching skills come in very handy, in helping patients with cancer — a condition she treats all too often.

Raymond Brisebois

Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow

Is tomorrow a busy day for you?

Do you take tomorrow for granted?

Are you living now, today, your best life?

Raymond is passionate about life and living. A professional speaker /coach/trainer at http://www.coachraybrisebois.com/en/  focusing on Communication & Leadership Raymond will help you unlock your potential. 

His mission in life is to make a difference with people who want to make a difference doing something that makes a difference.

Raymond is a speaker, consultant & trainer in communication & leadershipHe helps professionals, executives and entrepreneurs to

• Communicate with more impact • Stand out in their communications• Their sales pitch

In 2016, he was in the  Top 100 semifinalists, out of 30 000 contestants at the World Championship of Public Speaking in Washington.

Raymond has Achieved highest educational level within Toastmaster International, the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) Three Times!

Laurence Pechadre

Transformation Leader

Laurence is one of the French Leadership Innovators. Entrepreneur and single mum of three, at 50+, she was compelled to move from France to Canada to really understand successful multi-lingual and cross-cultural organizations.

Made in Canada, as a District Director with Toastmasters International she was instrumental in the digitalization of both the finance management system and the new educational program. She relishes serving over 4000 members in Ontario, Québec and a tiny bit of New York States.

Leading walking meetings. She helps her clients to disconnect from their screen to connect with themselves and the resources at hand. Successful transformation. One step at a time.

Doreen Ashton Wagner

For Love and Business

A professional facilitator and Host of ForLoveAndBusiness.com, a unique business community dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs overcome the stress, frustration and other challenges associated with balancing “love and family obligations” with running a business. Especially for those women, running a business with their spouse!

Her work is focused on how women and men think, communicate and make decisions differently. She believes it’s not about making one gender right or wrong; it’s about understanding and working together more harmoniously.

Francis Rounding

Making Your Dreams Come True

An Influential Speaker

Francis Rounding is a mentor and speech coach who can help you make your dreams come true. Francis is an accomplished woodworker who teaches carpentry at St Lawrence College and owns Francis Rounding Renovations

Melding the creative process that transforms a humble piece of wood into an exquisite work of art. 

Francis created a dynamic course to help you achieve your dream.

 A a four-step transformational process to make your dreams come true

Francis Uses the same strategies that brings his renovation client's' dreams come to life, 

Monica Piotrowski

Magical Sacred Circles

Monica has been studying traditional healing remedies from around the globe since she was young and has since melded her natural gifts of intuition, with these learned modalities creating a unique healing experience for her clients. Monica lends a comfortable, trusting, safe and familiar feeling to all who come in contact with her.

"I feel honored and privileged to be able to teach and empower people with their own personal joyful energy. I am grateful to share my artistic skills & intuitive gifts to serve others as I truly work from the HEART"

Bringing Together Musical & Rhythmical Connection Among Communities. Monica Drums, she drums for grounding, balance and  peace. Drumming is amazing for personal and spiritual development. Community drum circles are gatherings of people who meet for the purpose of playing drums together.

Monica's drum circles include drums and percussion. You may want to bring your own drums and/or other instruments such as flutes, didgeridoos and other non-percussion instruments. This is a wonderful time to share our voices too!

Coaching, Healers Paradise and Mystyic Vendors


Coach/ Speaker/ trainer-Raymond Brisebois

For Love and Business-Doreen Ashton Wagner

Personal Development Coach-Francis Rounding

Certified Professional (Life) Coach-Dr.Raji Menon

Transformation Leader-Laurence Pechadre

TV Saftey Corp-Ivan Viau

Your Ketorrific Journey- Maria Hatzimarkos

Double Beauty Horse Whispers- Joanne Routier

Building Better Brains-Lorraine Driscoll

Seaway Toastmasters

Please send us an email if you are interested in a booth at the show.

[email protected]

Mystic Vendors

Healing Wishes-Nikoletta Voulgaris

Dragonfly With Me-Wanda Bender and Pamela MacDonald

Heather's Alchemy-Heather Bender

Young Living Essential Oils-Emmanuelle Lariviere

Medicine Earth-Kymberly Pedicelli

Healers Paradise

Reiki -Judy MacLeod

Souly Immaterial-Anne Lalonde

Magical Sacred Circles-Monica Pitrowski

Healing Diagnosis-Avelia Manoukian

Direct Pressure and Dynamic Energy Therapist-Miria Baliddawa

Shamanic Journeying- Heather Pengelly 

Animal Reiki Therapist-Susan Dalmer

Room for two more! Will it be you?

Transformational Wellness Show 2018

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